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Department of Korean-English Interpreting and Translation prepares students for careers in interpretation, translation, and communications in multi-cultural global settings. The department, being launched in the midst of radical changes in the translation/interpretation industry expedited by technological innovations such as artificial intelligence, aims to reflect the latest developments in the market in the program curriculum and thereby prepare students in face of ever-changing working environment. Our faculty members are accomplished professional interpreters and translators with extensive field practice who are dedicated to teaching. The small-size classes characterized by our program offer close-knit relationship between the students and the faculty members that allow immersive and hands-on-oriented lessons.

Program Objectives

  • Develop excellent communication competence through full mastery of Korean and English
  • Develop full mastery of interpretation and translation competency at the level required for professional conference interpreters, translators and communications specialists
  • Develop world knowledge and strong analytical skills for in-depth understanding and analysis of professional texts and speeches in various areas
  • Based on excellent communication competence in English and Korean coupled with mastery of interpretation and interpretation skills, prepare students to work as professionals in the interpretation/translation, journalism, education, foreign affairs, and public sectors
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