한국어교육 교육과정 상세 테이블
Semester No Course Titles Credits(hrs/w) Type
1 1 Introduction to Korean Linguistics 3 (3) Korean Language Education Field
2 Teaching Korean Grammar 3 (3)
Total 6 (6)
2 3 Contemporary Korean Culture 3 (3)
4 Teaching Korean Expression 3 (3)
Total 6 (6)
3 5 Korean Education Theory 3 (3)
6 Teaching Korean Expression 3 (3)
7 Teaching Korean Pronunciation 3 (3)
Total 9 (9)
4 8 Teaching Methodologies for Korean 3 (3)
9 Practical Teaching of Korean 3 (3)
10 Sociolinguistics 3 (3)
11 Thesis Research 1 (1)
Total 10 (10)
1 1 Practical Korean 4 (2) Korean Language Immersion Field
Total 4 (2)
2 2 Korean Language and Cultural Contents 2 (2)
3 Korean Translation A 2 (2)
Total 4 (4)
3 4 Academic Korean 2 (2)
5 Korean Translation B 2 (2)
Total 4 (4)
4 6 Current Affairs and Korean 2 (2)
Total 2 (2)

1. Introduction to Korean Linguistics

You learn theories that cover the entire field of Korean phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, and pragmatics, and understand Korean language correctly.

2. Studies on Korean Pedagogical Grammar

We research ways to understand the grammar characteristics of Korean and to effectively teach Korean learners the characteristics of Korean grammar elements based on this understanding so that they can apply them to their Korean language proficiency.

3. Introduction to Contemporary Korean Culture

Provide an overview of modern Korean society and culture, and explore its background to establish the foundation for education on Korean culture.

4. Studies in Teaching Comprehensive Skills of Korean Language

Gain an understanding of theories related to listening and reading in Korean, and explore effective educational methods for teaching Korean listening and reading skills.

5. Introduction to Teaching Korean

A comprehensive discussion is conducted on the principles, objectives,teaching-learning methods, and evaluation of Korean language education as a foreign language.

6. Studies in Teaching Productive Skills of Korean Language

I research methods to teach foreign language learners the content-based knowledge of Korean speaking and writing, and to help them understand it effectively.

7. Studies in Korean Phonetic Approach and Teaching Method

Based on the understanding of Korean phonetics, this research applies it to develop practical Korean pronunciation education for foreign language learners of Korean.

8. Studies on Theories of Foreign Language Teaching

This research involves studying general foreign language teaching methods and researching educational methodologies based on the unique characteristics of Korean for teaching Korean as a foreign language

9. Practicum in Korean Language Classrooms

Through attending lectures and observing classes, I aim to understand Korean language classes for foreign language learners and acquire essential classroom management techniques. Additionally, I aim to apply theoretical knowledge of Korean language education in practical situations.

10. Studies in Sociolinguistics

This research examines how language varies depending on social factors. By analyzing Korean data with specific sociolinguistic features, it investigates variation patterns and explores ways to apply the results to Korean language education.

11. Thesis

This course aims to teach students the process and methods for writing a thesis or creating a portfolio, and to help them develop a professional interest in the field of Korean language education by completing a master's thesis or portfolio.

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