admission Overview

Admission Overview

Who is the IGSE for?

IGSE's one-of-a-kind MA program has been specially designed for both those with English language teaching (ELT) qualifications and experience and those without. IGSE’s intensive curriculum is designed to produce professionals in the field of ELT including English teachers, materials developers, researchers, and entrepreneurs. Over the two-year course, we provide our students with extensive knowledge of theory in language learning and teaching as well as practical skills and experience. In addition, IGSE also provides Korean language and culture courses for international students to learn about Korea.

IGSE MA program is for


Those who want to deepen their ELT
knowledge and improve their practical
teaching skills.


Experienced ELT professionals who wish
to refresh their academic knowledge and
improve their technical skills.


Those who have a passion for English
language teaching and strive to
become a professional in the field.


Those who want to learn
the Korea language and culture
and experience living in Korea.

Recruiting Number

모집 학과 및 인원 상세 테이블
Major No. of Students Others
TESOL 00 -
ELT Contents Development -
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