IGSE, a NAVER’s official partner as a knowledge partner

2016.02.24조회수 2091

IGSE has begun to work as a NAVER’s official partner: A Knowledge Partner

International Graduate School of English has made an agreement with NAVER about participating in answering English?related inquires in the NAVER Knowledge-iN service.

As a NAVER Knowledge-iN official partner, IGSE is going to leave answers to questions uploaded from many netizens who have questions about English, English education, translation, etc.

So far, the number of government organizations, companies, and businesses which are the official Knowledge-iN partners of NAVER is 240 in total, and among the partners, IGSE is the only partner that is ELT-related.

The answering service will need a lot of IGSEans and faculty members to meet the needs.

Check IGSE’s answering activity: http://kin.naver.com/profile/igsesocialservice



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